SirenLabs ULTRA KARBS - Natural

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bELITE CARBO-LOADING AGENTbbrKarboLyn is specifically designed for the serious athlete looking for a fast, easy, convenient and safe way to load the muscle with readily accessible muscle energy glycogen. KarboLyn is a patented carbohydrate that contains a series of very unique properties. Because it passes through the stomach very quickly, it acts like a pump, pulling water and nutrients along with it. This high-tech carbohydrate actually moves through the stomach 80 faster than dextrose or sugar. KarboLyn also has a higher solution osmolality than dextrose, sucrose, or other carbohydrate powder mixes on the market. This is due to its exclusive patent pending process. KarboLyn is completely sugar free and is produced using a newly developed Enzymatic Milling Process. The food sources used to produce the KarboLyn are corn, potato, and rice, and the finished product is a modified molecular mass polysaccharide that is instantized and absorbed very quickly for maximum biovailability.brbrbWAXY MAIZEA SUPER NUTRIENT TRANSPORTERbbrWith a high molecular weight and low osmolarity, meaning it bypasses the stomach and is absorbed by the intestines for immediate assimilation, waxy maize acts as a super transporter, helping to shuttle nutrients into the body at a higher absorption rate.brbrbFOR SERIOUS ATHLETES WANTING THAT EDGEbbrFast-, medium-, and slow-acting carbohydrates before, during, and after intense exercise are a necessity for serious athletes to improve their performance and maximize their recovery. ULTRA KARBS features patented KarboLyn and Waxy Maize together to supercharge your pre-workout for more intense gains. ULTRA KARBS can also be added to your favorite post-workout protein shake to optimize recovery. bUSE ULTRA KARBS IF YOU ARE Abbr ulliMass Gainer to facilitate more lean muscle mass. liHigh School Athlete formulated without creatine or stimulants. liCrossFit for a

1) Mass Gainer to facilitate more lean muscle mass.*
2) High School Athlete formulated without creatine or stimulants.
3) CrossFit for a readily available energy source for a long duration of time.
4) Runner/Endurance to carbo-load quickly for maximum performance.*
5) For Serious Athletes Wanting That Edge

Binding : Health and Beauty
Brand : SirenLabsTM
Color : natural
EAN : 0811020908845
Label : SirenLabsTM
Manufacturer : SirenLabsTM
PackageDimensions_Weight : 3.00 pounds
PackageDimensions : L:9.10 X W:5.60 X H:5.60
ProductGroup : Health and Beauty
Publisher : SirenLabsTM
Size : 40 servings
Studio : SirenLabsTM
Title : SirenLabs ULTRA KARBS - Natural

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